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When you start to fall out of love, you wouldn’t mind letting your partner suffer as long as it can be advantageous to you.You’re constantly looking out You may have a nice time with your partner, and everything may seem perfectly fine on the outside.[Read: Men who stare at women] When you consciously try to cheat on your partner all the time, you’re not in love.You just like the stability of a backup relationship.Find out how to know if you are not in love anymore, and make up your mind on the next step towards happiness.How to know if you are not in love While the emotion of falling in love is intense and blissful, the emotions of falling out of love can be just as intense.As the months passed and that thought reverberated more and more through my head, I chose her less and less. Thus did our nasty death spiral play itself out over five years. She felt me not choosing her every day, in my words and my actions, and she was afraid I would abandon her. Like a precious fragrant flower I brought proudly into my home but then failed to water, I left her alone in countless ways to wither in the dry hot heat of our intimate relationship. It could be as simple as noticing that in your deepest heart's truth, "I just do."If you can't find it today, ask yourself again tomorrow. But if too many days go by and you just can't connect with why you're choosing your partner, and your relationship is rife with stress, let them go.

As the relationship starts to lose its romance, both partners start to become selfish, be it about sharing food, dressing up well or helping each other grow.

You know you deserve better If you’re wondering how to know if you are not in love, this is one of the subtle signs that can spell doom in the months or years to come.

You may like your partner and have a great time with them, but deep within, do you truly believe you deserve better?

But if either of you can’t spend a few hours with each other and don’t really care about communication and togetherness, there’s no hope for the relationship to survive unless both of you take the initiative to come closer.

[Read: Communication in a relationship] You’re jealous of your partner Are you secretly jealous of your partner? After all, if you are going out with an attractive and charming person, you are going to be awed by them now and then.

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When both of you are not in love anymore, a relationship that can easily succeed starts to become a burden of frustrations and pain.

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