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About as similar as French and Russian." I don't think he was being facetious: French and Russian (or for that matter English and Albanian) are similar, since they are related Indo-European languages.But the Romanian's answer is a salutary warning against over-emphasising the similarities.I HALASZ'S condemnation of scholarly work on these languages is unfortunate.The common origin of Hungarian and Finnish (and many other languages) in a large Uralic family was established over 200 years ago, mostly by Hungarian scholars.The earliest sources relating to Hungarians generally describe them as Turks, Huns, Sabirs, Onogurs, etc, but never as Finns.If the questioner wishes to know more about the "official" story of Hungarian origins, he only has to consult any textbook anywhere in the Western world.

When the inevitable question as to the similarity of the two languages arose, he answered "Yes, they are quite similar.But most Hungarian people no longer believe in this version.If he wishes to know something about the research concerned with the alternative views, he could contact us.THE HYPOTHESIS which asserts a common origin for the Hungarian and Finnish languages is based on the fact that there are about 600 words shared by Hungarian and Finnish.This "official" version is generally the only one taught in schools and universities.

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