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Ok Cupid also now has a feature through which you can connect your Instagram profile, therefore upping the media you can attach to your profile.Which words or terms do you respond to in someone’s profile? If you have a friend on Ok Cupid and you like the matches he or she is getting better than your own, what are they saying that you aren’t?Pay attention to the words you put in your profile.Ok Cupid even did an entire blog post about keywords and the terms users respond to (apparently "zombie" is popular among the ladies).If you love movies, mention (in detail) what attracts you the most to what films and why.

Maybe add the link to a You Tube clip you think is incredibly funny.You’d be surprised, though, how many of my friends complain they can’t find someone on the site, and then when I say, “Well, have you messaged anyone? ” Although it may seem like “putting yourself out there” is different on an online dating site, that mindset won’t help you connect with anyone.Look at it as the same as "liking" a post on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter.How are you supposed to show up in someone's search results if you haven’t written anything down?There are certain times of the day and week when people are more likely to be on social media.

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