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Colored with the pigments from antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables.Caribbean: a soft light pink-nude with shimmery silver undertones.Versatile enough for day or night, this palette features eyeshadows, blush, and luminizer colored from vitamin rich fruit and vegetable pigments -- not synthetic dyes.Palette includes: Illume: Pale, dusty pink luminescent powder with a pearly shimmer Afterglow: Rustic peach-pink blush Beam: Nude gold eye shadow with soft flecks of gold sparkle Splendor: Deep, taupe-brown eye shadow with charcoal undertone and bronze shimmer Vivid: Deep, charcoal-purple eye shadow with flecks of ruby sparkle Bold and beautiful makeup palette featuring soft, smokey, and glimmery tones; versatile enough to serve both edgy and classic makeup looks.Our original Pretty Naked Palette is a beloved 100% PURE beauty staple!

Extra long lasting stain can resist sweat, oil and very long days. Free of chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, and synthetic chemicals.If you’re after only the finest natural makeup, skin care and bath and body products, why not check out our gift sets below?Our formulas are made with natural, nourishing ingredients packed with antioxidants and vitamins.Palette includes: Acoustic: Pale pink luminiscent powder with pearly shimmer Sold Out: Bright, berry-plum blush Boyfriend's Band: Pure white, pearlescent eye shadow Private Show: Bronze, milk chocolate eye shadow with rosy undertone Unplugged: Matte black eye shadow with flecks of superfine silver glitter Soft and seductive makeup palette featuring stunning shades for sultry eyes, flushed cheeks, and radiant shimmer.Palette includes: Sexy: Soft baby pink luminescent powder with pearly shimmer Allure: Warm, pink-coral blush Risque: Peachy-beige eye shadow with pearlescent shimmer Provocateur: Pale purple eye shadow with silver undertone Cat Eyes: Midnight purple eye shadow with charcoal undertone and flecks of silver sparkle Dreamy makeup palette inspired by mythical mermaids, pink-cloud sunsets, and the sun's reflection on emerald ocean waves.

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Includes eyeshadows, blush, and luminizer colored from vitamin rich fruit and vegetable pigments -- not synthetic dyes.

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