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When you only have two minutes for a date, it kind of feels like an interview.25.If you're weird with a bag over your head, you're probably weird without a bag on your head.26.The "fun fact" you put on your bag could potentially be all you talk about, so a fact about guacamole is a great move.19.Talking about guacamole for 44 minutes straight really makes you want guacamole in and around your mouth.20.

This is also a great opportunity to meet people in the entertainment industry.

Because you can't get to your face, it will be itchy the entire time you are in the bag.21.

Trying to scratch any part of your face through the little eye hole is awkward for all parties involved and watching.22. Sitting at a table with another "couple" during any type of speed dating is really distracting.24.

You can have a great conversation with someone with a bag over their head, but you're going to be thinking about what they look like under there. But also, you can see the person's eyes/mouth, so unless they have a wildcard nose, you can pretty much guess what they look like.14.

DON' T put decorative cellophane over your mouth hole if you want to breathe successfully. Having a bag over your head does allow you to hide your mouth if you're laughing at something weird that your date said.16.

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