Accommodating emotionally impaired

Many adults who work in schools, particularly in special education settings, aren't there for the reason I was there.

The majority of my students had spent some time in foster care--meaning they had been removed from their families of origin.

Here are the things about teaching my "emotionally disturbed" students that ultimately broke my heart.

A student whose stepdad took his medication for funsies, making the boy's medication levels completely unpredictable.

It will break your heart into a million tiny pieces.

Your students will be blamed for anything that goes wrong within a half mile radius.

JAN's Occupation and Industry Series is designed to help employers determine effective accommodations for their employees with disabilities and comply with title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

This is a response to the awful, pooooor aduuuuuuults Cracked article about working with "troubled children".I couldn't help this young person through the accepted channels, but damned if I was going to sit there and pretend it was ok to call him a liar.(My strategy for "a desk is about to get dumped" is "jump onto the desk, Gollum pose", because being ridiculous can interrupt a downward spiral & it isn't threatening.I have seen teachers who were supposedly trained in deescalation get into the face and space of a student who has suffered severe abuse & is having a hard time.Most of them had been through more by age 7 than anyone should be ever.I was there because of a love of children, even (especially) difficult children.

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