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Its original dwellers would have climbed the rock face using narrow toeholds; its limited accessibility made it easy to defend against intruders.Cliff Palace was constructed in the cliff face with sandstone blocks, mortar, and wooden beams.

Located in Mesa Verde National Park, both are World Heritage Sites and National Monuments.

The forty-five mile trip takes four and a half hours to ride, as it is still coal-fired, and winds along narrow mountain paths and in and out of canyons.

Historic narration is available on the trains for interested tourists.

More Colorado destinations Address: 1007 York Street, Denver, Colorado 80206, Phone: 720-865-3501 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is dedicated to conservation, captive breeding of endangered species, and comprehensive animal care.

It aims to give every visitor an experience that will last them a lifetime.

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The thirteen-minute trip from Telluride to Mountain Village or vice versa lasts thirteen minutes and gives dramatic all-round views of the San Juan Mountains.

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