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I use samsung galaxy ace and i want to download whatsapp messenger in my android but when I tried to get it from google play store, it shows error while downloading (error retrieving information from server [RPC: S-7: AEC-7 CFNR-25OX-GSW2A]) Go to "Settings" Tap Applications Tap Manage Applications Select "All" Scroll to and tap Google Play Store Tap Force Stop, tap OK, tap Clear data, and tap "OK".

Tap the Back button to get back to the applications list.

Fun masks, cute quests, nice cosmetic gear, and actually some very good gear that you can get if you work your Holiday Rep up to Respected.

You’re not going to kill anything with the debuffed stats.

You now have to spend Myrrh to remove this debuff in addition to any Myrrh you spend to bribe your way out of Purgatory.

Myrrh costs gold and gets used faster than you think.

You used to be able to attack anyone or be attacked unless inside of a quest hub. If you’re truly against being vulnerable when you don’t want to be then turn your flag off, but accept that you’re sacrificing for that safety.

The new system enables a flagging system where you can opt in/out of Pv P. This truly may be the best of both worlds and a very nice take on the flagging system. One comforting thing about it all though is that the Astral Pv P will be open pvp regardless of your flag, and that’s where the “endgame” happens.

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