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This is a MUST-WATCH episode for Sakuraiba’s fans!!

Aiba has been taking shots of Sho with his videocam, Sho looks so cute 😀 They talked about their previous experiences, the most scary outings they’ve had before etc etc. Aiba ordered a sumptuous BBQ lunch specially for Sho, Sho was surprised because he loves clams, scallops, all those seafood, and he seldom mentioned this in public. It’s very funny when they were about to leave the bath tub, Aiba got up without covering himself and Sho is shouting “cover your front part! Aiba tried to get out of the hole, but as usual, he’s clumsy and he fell down into the hole again. or he feel gratitude to Aiba and staffs for such a great program?

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*LOL* Sho was very in a very high mood, and after changing into swimming suit, he keeps on singing happily! You can see from Aiba’s eyes that he’s trying hard not to shed tears.. p/s: you can watch this episode at Subscribe via RSS Feed stay updated with blog articles Welcome to my blog :) I bet you're also one of millions of Arashics just like me :) I like five of them very much, although I would say that I love Sho the most :p I like to see the way they tease each other, like their songs, they brighten up my day, their attitude towards work and everything. Do feel free to leave me any comments, I'm happy to hear from all Arashics, and I would be happy if you could leave me a feedback by just "like" my article.

:p We know Aiba’s very emotional, if it’s not Sho but Leader today, bet they will hug each other and cry together 😀 Another surprise from Aiba is HANABI (fireworks) ! It gives me encouragement to keep on writing :) If you want more pictures of them, you can join my facebook.

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