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But when I look at the surveys it's pretty clear that Javascript can't be all that bad.The first one I'm looking at here is the stack overflow survey they did and by far and large, Java Script was the most popular programming language with 65% of people using it and they have this thing divided up. Basically, using it regularly 65% and then like 5% of people were going to adopt or migrate to it.I mean if you're looking to become a software developer today, a web developer, you're pretty much going to be using Java Script.If you're thinking about learning a new programming language, you don’t know much Java Script or you're a new developer, you're probably going to find a job if you know Java Script.That tells you that there's going to be a high demand. Again, Java and C# are almost the same language at this point. You're going to open up a whole wide world of more freelancing jobs because a lot of people that just have a Word Press site, they need some custom PHP work done. Again, not the best language in my opinion, but a good one to learn, a good one to make some money. Again, if you want just all out highest demand, C#, Java, Java Script, PHP. Go is going to be more specialized, but it's an interesting language to learn. We don’t worry about a cross platform solution.” Swift is a go-to language, the winning language for i Phone, for i OS at this point. Obviously, you've got the watch now, the wearables. It tells me that this is a really good language that developers like. I've done a little bit of Rust work and I really liked the language. It looks like most Android development is going to go this direction like Objective C switched to Swift, but I'm not 100% sure on this.That tells you that that is also a good language for beginners. It's a good one and there's a lot of growth opportunities as I see it. You've got i OS, the TV, and you've got obviously the phones and the i Pads. On some of these, it's not even showing up, but it does show up as the number one most loved language, again, on that Stack Overflow Survey. I'd like to dive into it more, but I'm not really doing technical stuff anymore except every once in a while. It's not one to like bet your career on, but I would say that if developers like this language so much that it's got a good chance of gaining some ground and popularity, and possibly at some point displacing C and C for a low-level type of language. I think it's worth—if you're going to learn a new programming language, again, if you're going to give in the Android development, it's a lot better.I hope someone have achieved this in real world application :) ps : I am working on a "dating" Website The Account Controller in MVC 4 already relies on Simeple Membership and other Web Matrix bits to support membership with both OAuth and local accounts.My suggestion would be to start by removing the Db Context derived class defined in the Account for your MVC 4 project and replacing it with your own (the compiler errors will tell you what you have to change once you remove the class).

and I dont find a solution for that or perhaps I did not understand.

With that said though, also as I've said some nasty things about Java Script in the past, I'll admit it, it's become better.

The newer version of ECMAScript has really improved it and it's actually a decent language to use now. It's “technically” a programming language but you're not likely to get a job with just SQL.

One of the easiest ways to pick the best programming language to learn for 2018 is by listening to the market.

The market will tell you what the trending programming languages are for the future.

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