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Finishing a hike and being rewarded with a fantastic view is a great feeling, and being able to share that sense of achievement and amazing view with the person you love will definitely bring you closer.Let’s not mention all the possibilities for romance, like sharing a chocolate bar for energy, or escaping from an encounter with a hungry tiger.Forgo the typical dinner-and-movie date for one of these fun activities which will get you out and about, doing something that's both good for your body and great for your relationship.(Plus they're cheap / free) If you’re constantly cracking your brain on what to do with your significant other over the weekend, this should help.

Luckily for you there won’t be cars giving you exasperating honks. No worries, Salsa Jay offers free trial classes every Thursday and Saturday, so you can learn the moves and share the learning experience together.

Publika offers free bike rental, so get there early and queue up for a free 30-minute ride on a tandem or regular bike.

While serious cyclists scoff at tandem biking, it is a true testament of teamwork.

Sprawling over 170 acres, the Perdana Botanical Gardens (previously known as the Lake Gardens) is a welcome green lung in the heart of KL filled with lakes, themed-gardens, and walking trails.

It’s probably a good idea to see this beautiful park by bicycle since it’s pretty large (Rental goes at RM3/30 mins per bike).

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You use a GPS-enabled device (like your phone) to search for specific GPS coordinates which contain hidden treasures (called a geocache).

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