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Individual grants for financial help are not so commonly given by the government outside of a few specific areas (Food Stamp help, Housing Assistance, etc).

Mostly actual grant money for individuals is found in the education sector — i.e.

Once the court has ordered support, the non custodial parent is expected to pay it on a regular basis.If you are looking for emergency cash or assistance, look elsewhere because grants are often a LONG term process. Most of the grants out there — at least the big ones — are given to non profit organizations, schools, or researchers who are working in areas that government are targeting to make improvements.Areas like education, scientific research, women’s health, children’s well being are often where grant funding is allocated by the Federal Government and large non profit grant foundations.You have to apply, apply, and keep applying — sometimes for many, many different grants.It’s often a numbers game — and a numbers game where you actually need to meet the criteria for the grants you are applying.

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The burden of “deadbeat” parents is placed heavily on women, who are more likely to be awarded primary custody, and deadbeat dads are a well understood social phenomenon in most countries.

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