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If you are dating a man that does not understand this, then you may want to reconsider dating him. Tell him to go to his bank account clean out all of his money and give it to you.

I also understand that practicing celibacy as a single mom can be difficult because unless you were impregnated by the Holy Spirit, your child is a reminder to everyone that you have had sex before.

That you do not want to have sex because you do not want to be blinded by the sex so much that you overlook the bad qualifies of the guy that you are dating, or you don’t want to have enough child, or because you want to do it God’s way because the doing it the other way did not work for you so far.

So what you have a kid and you had sex before to get that kid?

I do not care how many men you have slept with in the past, the moment that YOU decide to become celibate then that is your right.

Do not feel pressured or obligated to have sex with anyone because you have a kid.

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The last thing you want is for your door to be a house full of revolving men.

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