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Getting started is easy—all you need is your company’s G Suite account, as everyone on your team’s already invited.

Hangouts Chat is included with every paid G Suite account, so if your company's using Gmail for your company email, odds are you can already use Hangouts Chat.

In rooms, though, the focus on conversations changes the way you chat a bit.

If you want to share something new—an idea you’ve been thinking about, a document you just completed, a video you came across this morning—you open the chat room you want, click the button on the bottom center, and post your new message.

The first thing you’ll notice about Google Hangouts Chat is its focus on , the individual things we say in chat.

That’s the best reason to use the new Google Hangouts Chat.And, if anyone mentions you or sends you a direct message, you’ll get notified about that, too.Those notifications will show up in the top right corner of Google Hangouts Chat and other newer G Suite apps, including Google Photos.But if you just came up with the solution to a problem your team was discussing yesterday—or thought of a witty reply to your friend’s joke from last week—you’ll want to pull up the old conversation and add the reply directly. Google Hangouts Chat automatically brings conversations with the most recent replies down to the bottom of your chat list.Whenever you open a room, you’ll see the conversations with the most recent replies first—so if someone started a new conversation 10 minutes ago and someone else replied to a week-old conversation 5 minutes ago, you’ll see them both when you first open a chat room.

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Whenever you share a file, Google will automatically add everyone in that room with viewing and commenting permission so they can see the thing you shared.

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