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Glamour recently rolled out a new blog on its site called “See Alyssa Date,” which captures all the intrigue of the reality-TV trend (before it went south, at least) and the romantic allure of “Sex and the City.” Editor-at-large Ellen Seidman and the creative team at Glamour were toying with the idea of a new blog that would generate some consistent reader interest, and concocted the dating blog.

“I have to be sure I want to do what people suggest.

We have found that alot of the couples we have met with or conversed with are either school teachers or police officers.- Swinger Friendly Couch Sold to some Lovely Swingers.

Or as SIRNEWBY asserts, is self deception/lying/cheating really the only valid metric?

As media outlets—particularly mass-market women’s titles—continue the push to rope in readers online, one pub has tapped into the strength of interactivity to bind its audience closer.

“People tell me I’m crazy to leave my dating decisions up to the masses,” says Shelasky, who joined the team and launched the blog on August 15.

Those misfit toys weren't misfit because they were broken.

They're ALL kinds of freaky naughty pervy and were banished to that island (the same one Ted Cruz plans to send swingers after he's elected) so they wouldn't pervert the rest of society.

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