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If I want commenting, maybe it's also for them interesting, if you have a file and you want them to show and give some comments that you can your comments into this file. Not everybody likes that because they can have fits and nobody knows what happens with your file.

So maybe I don't like this download thing, but if it's internal into your company, that's surely fine.

So, if you see that this flow is exactly the same, I'll close this one, they have creative clouds, then Argos, and then you see my ...Even on Microsoft actually, but we're an Apple reseller so we don't show those things, but it works on any system, that's what I want to say. First, 100 gigabytes if you have project it's not a lot. Maybe in a video so it grows a lot and it's like 100 gigabytes, right, like nothing, but it's kind of a workflow.You see here a plus so I can actually collaborate with my team members if I the copy and another one has the images I can work together with my colleagues.I can invite people, I always stay as the owner, I can never do a transmission of ownership so it's always mine.And I can view or edit people, this files, or these folders.

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