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He notes that they are often a much tougher crowd than most poetic critics.

He is a Psychologist, currently employed by the Illinois Department of Human Services, and he currently works with individuals who have a developmental disability.

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Her work will also be recognized in a women's haiku anthology to be published in 2018.Since then he has written a great deal of poetry, and has been published in a few minor venues. They already have the awareness, appreciation, and insight of the written word that he wishes to share with others.He writes poems for the everyday person who doesn't often (if ever) read poetry--those who may not appreciate poetry unless it's written in a manner which can capture their attentional focus long enough to gain their appreciation.Keith | Steven Michael Kellogg | Gary Ketchum | Lonna D. Driehaus Foundation, The Leadership Foundation, International Womens Forum and the Goethe Institute. Most recently her short story, "Reaching the Border," was a finalist in the 43rd New Millennium Fiction Competition. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, she works and lives in Chicago, USA.David La Rue Alexander is an avid poet who first developed a love for poetry when he wrote his first poem in the second grade (eons ago), and it was published in the school paper.

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A multi-talented entrepreneur with a doctoral degree in Ugaritology, Dr.

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