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“MTV is already reaping the rewards of Ex On The Beach and TV bosses are hoping this show will appeal to those viewers when it hits screens later this year." Mermaids is set to launch later this year and will be a series of 30-minute episodes.

I’m standing in a small living room with two other men, three large cameras, and dozens of television crew members.

The show isn’t scripted, but she makes it sound that way. Three months earlier I was on tour in Long Beach California with my punk rock band 5 Days Dirty.

Each blind date lasts 60 minutes unless the dater has had enough and decides to bail.

But humiliation has a price, as the dater earns a dollar for every minute they stay on the date.

The best friend sets up an unwitting friend with one of our comedic actors, and arms the actor with info on everything the dater hates.

Then the actor goes to work pushing all of the dater's buttons and turning their romantic evening into one big smoking-hot mess.

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She oozed charisma from her pores and when she spoke I could tell she was from somewhere in Africa. A message from Fatima was waiting for me when I returned from tour a week later. It was that one where the parents hate their daughter’s boyfriend (or son’s girlfriend) so much they set her up on blind dates. It was shot at some random studio in the suburban sprawl that is Los Angeles. The parents were on a couch and I sat opposing them.

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