Dating after divorce how soon

In her first Shrink4Men article, Peppy shares lessons she learned after meeting and marrying a man who was once married to Crazy.

Peppy discusses prerequisites you should have in place before pursuing a serious relationship post-divorce.

Men, try to treat your new relationship as you would have treated any new relationship before your HCP ex taught you to walk on eggshells.

3) Enforce boundaries with your family of origin post-divorce.

It might seem like you’re protecting your new love from the Crazy storm that is your HCP ex by keeping her a secret.

In reality, it will only serve to make your new partner feel like “the other woman” even though you are divorced.

When I met my now husband, he’d been divorced for 2 years.

2) Don’t allow your HCP ex to portray your new love interest as “the other woman.” While it’s important to keep your dating life separate from your HCP ex, it’s equally important that you not hide any serious girlfriends or significant others from the HCP.

This may sound like contradictory advice and, in a sense, it is.

In a HCP’s distorted mind, hurts and slights that occurred 10 years ago are as fresh as last week.

And even though the ink on your divorce decree has long since dried, the HCP believes you are still her “property” and that she should come first, even if she has to mask her demands by superimposing them onto your children.

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