Dating british made stanley planes

Try to start with the best plane you can, it will save you time, effort, and money in the fixing up process.

Buying individual parts can get expensive, a lot of times you pick up a broken plane with parts you need cheaper than buying an individual piece.

They are plentiful, low cost and can be made into a magnificent tool with a little time and effort.

The first thing I usually do is take the plane completely apart.The cap iron was a fuss free job, although due to the rather large amount of tension it applied, it makes it a tad more awkward to position, but an easy fix. Turn Any Bench Plane In To A Smoothing Plane By Setting Up The Cap Iron (VIDEO) The most interesting thing is how the blade is held in the ECE hand plane.It’s not a traditional mortice, but instead their own take on the cross pin, and it works very well. I discovered this hand plane when looking at commercially made frame saw blades for some future planned…plan? The iron held an edge for noticeably longer than my Stanley’s, and sharpens about as easily, and back prepping was minimal although I imagine that to vary. But sometimes, something comes along that’s quite special, it’s then that I find it hard to shut up. You could also have a hornbeam sole for a few bob less. It didn’t effect much and took less than a minute to wear flat on a diamond plate.

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There is also a lot written about restoring them and tuning; videos you can buy too.

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