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You can meet in Romania, but you can also meet a gold-digger/prostitute in the United States. Therefore, I’ve decided to list a range of myths about Romanian women and debunk all of them for you today:.But no matter how you want to justify that belief, that prejudice really can’t hold water in Romania.Although, as I said, the majority of Romania women are nice and pleasant, you can also be unlucky enough to find scammers (as it is everywhere). I was wondering, “If Snow White is a Western girl, why does she have black hair? ” After so many years, I have finally realized that a European woman can actually look like Snow White, and women like that are from Romania.I know a sugar daddy whose sugar baby is from East Europe, and her job is to attend functions and social events with the sugar daddy, because the sugar daddy’s goal is to get validation from others who would envy him because of his sexy East European girl.

By that I mean they may worry that you probably have an agenda because you compliment her all the time.Indeed, a lot of sugar daddies get sugar babies from East Europe, but that doesn’t mean there are more sugar babies in East Europe than the rest of the world.That’s actually because sugar daddies want to show off their East European sugar babies who are incredibly beautiful, whereas less sugar daddies whose sugar babies are Americans/Australians want to tell others about their sugar relationships.You can do a Google search and see the percentage of people who have university degrees in the United States and Australia – you’ll be surprised to know that only 28% of Americans and Australians have university education.However, in Romania, every girl that I met went to university – and that wasn’t a coincidence.

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