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Once in Rome, I managed to find a house-share with 30-year-old Matteo.He proved to be a funny and honourable guide, offering invaluable advice when he heard about my catalogue of disastrous encounters with Italian flirts.

In a country famed for passionate lovers, has myth been confused with reality?Which is fine, I’m sure they’re not too enamored by me either.Note: I cannot stress enough here that this is just the way I see things, and I’m more than aware that there are always exceptions to any rule.I’m sure this post is going to cause something of a stir, and I usually try to steer clear of controversial topics because I cannot be bothered to deal with the stress of people swearing at me.However, this particular topic is one that I’m passionate about, so I do not care; I’m going to rant away.

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Fine, have your beer and your football (both of which I love), but it’s this ‘whatever’ stance a lot of these guys have towards women that really bugs me.

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