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Most recently, in October, Tom Biscardi and the Searching for Bigfoot team were drawn to York County by rough amateur video in which they claimed to have seen a female bigfoot carrying an infant.

The existence of bigfoot may remain in doubt, but the fascination with the mythic creature endures.

"And I have confidence in myself that if I were ever to be taken out on an expedition … Anyway, I love that even though Megan Fox is intrepid enough to personally find Bigfoot, whom she believes is real, she would still need to be "taken out" on the expedition, presumably in a Cleopatra-style caravan. Has Megan Fox considered that maybe the reason sasquatches are so difficult to find is because their discovery would lead to their almost certain demise at the hands of hunters, poachers, and TMZ cameramen? Or rather they were, then weren't, but now ARE again?

So basically Megan Fox thinks nothing of possibly destroying an entire species of missing link. According to the report Kit Harington and Rose Leslie "were seen staying close at LAX after getting off a flight together on Wednesday," lending credence to the rumors that they're dating again after being spotted together in the run-up to their panel at Comic-Con.

Bigfoot sightings in the midstate are dwarfed by the dozens of reports that have come out of the state’s north-central wilds, Altman said.

He collected the samples recently in Clearfield and Jefferson counties, which he described as Pennsylvania’s “hot area” for bigfoot reports.

They were then compared with hairs from animals known to live in the hills.

"We fully expected them to come from a known animal," said Mr Redmond. So the mystery remains and we go on to the next stage of investigation." The hairs will now be examined under an even more powerful microscope and sent to two different laboratories – in Oxford and Cardiff – for DNA testing.

Still, Arment said the presence of bigfoot would be a “long shot” in Pennsylvania.

Scott Weidensaul, a Friedensburg nature writer who has written about the search for lost species, doubts that bigfoot is here.

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In a state with 12 million residents, it seems likely the creature would have been spotted by now if he is here.

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