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Bottom Bracket height(center of BB to ground)MX-II, 11 3/8" . 1983 700 - 4130 came complete with Sugino Maxi-Cross cranks & Redline stem & Vbars.1983 600a - 4130 came complete with Sugino 1pc or Sugino GT 3 piece cranks, Mild steel Kusuki Vbar & Sugino alloy & 4130 stem. Your choice of black or blue parts.1984/19851984 500 A - 4130 Series III frame set(MX-III). G0684 (on one side) First two digits are month, last two digits are year.4673620 (on the other dropout) Run number G0684 4673620 Giant made, June 1984G0684 5676717 Giant made, June 1984 1984 Redline MX-III (Redline, Hotdog stamp-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------R88041521 - 1988 Redline Proline (800 PXL - April, 1988)R87112584 - 1987 Redline (November, 1987)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------85 RL REO 03155 (1985, Redline, Built by Code, run number) ??? Well the owner thinks it may be an 1984 & the code starts with 4 so maybe that was the year & the 01 is the actual month. DSRM 40555038 Only certain info is it is a MX-II or III frame.

MX-III, 10 3/4" Remember wear & tear on the tires and tire design will affect the BB height slighty. Till then all MX-III series used a MX-II frame according to an interview by Len Weed from BMX Action Dec. Linn Kastan stated in 1983 Redline debuted its first real MX-III. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DBSN 401Q7687 (Built by code, came with 401's, Q cause they look cool & run number) ??? Owner cant remember the exact year but it was 1984/1985ish. DJBM 4020463 Perhaps 4 is 1984 & 02 is for February.**Sure looks like the 4 is for 1984 & the 01,05 etc for the month, with the run number following**-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Third digit is last digit of year.

Series-III frame 1988 800 PXL - 4130, Available in Chrome, & a Red & Jaguar Black.

, Available in Chrome, Inca Red, Jaguar Black, Kiwi & Mango.

(Made in Taiwan)1985 800 P - 4130 Proline frame & fork. 1987 600 CXL - Available in White, Red or Turquiose19881988 400 C - 4130?

Available in Turquoise/Chrome, Yellow/Chrome & White/Chrome 198619871987 400 C - Tri-Moly?

Here is how to tell if you have a MX-II or Series-III based frame. 349470 Unknown Year Redline MX-II or III350291 1981 Redline Proline 2 (had No gusset behind seat, & No CS bridge)350294 Unknown Year, Redline Proline354065 Unknown Year, Redline MX-II357485 Unknown Year, Redline Proline (No CS bridge)363127 Unknown Year, Redline Proline (Redline Oval stamp)375830 Unknown Year, Redline Proline 2 frame (has gusset behind seat, CS bridge, Redline Oval stamp)375996 1982 Redline Proline 2 (has the gusset behind seat, CS bridge, Redline Oval stamp)499612 Unknown Year, Redline MX-III frame502365 1984 Redline MX-III frame (has gusset behind seat, CS bridge, Redline Oval stamp)502867 Unknown Year, Redline Proline (CS bridge)505092 Unknown Year, Redline MX-III frame (has gusset behind seat, No CS bridge, Redline Oval stamp)507159 Unknown Year, Redline MX-III frame (has gusset behind seat, No CS bridge, Redline Oval stamp)510537 Unknown Year, Redline PL-24 (CS bridge)5 Digits08453 1978-79 Redline Proline.15188 Unknown Year Redline Microline Assorted Codes Giant Made Giant made should have two separate code areas, 1 on each dropout.Only difference from the 700 is the 1 piececranks.1981 520 MX-II 4130 frame & down tube decals, Vbars but cheapo slant stem & Coaster brake Tuff Wheels. Since the Advertisement had to be shot & submitted before print deadline it probably means the bikes were out at the end of summer of 1981. RB = 82 RC = 83 etc...**However bikes in the Museum throw that formula in the trash** (I will leave it up for now. Perhaps the C was actually a 0, then it would fit in with the above structure more.8 - 7 or 6 Digits year stamped866814 1986 Redline 500c (Redline Oval stamp.All three came in your choice of Red, White or Blue. They feature the long huge Redline logo in red with white or black trim. The second letter may mean something, but its not the Formula people have been saying. Trimoly stamp)8609340 1986, September, bike number 340. 85021290 1985 Redline 600c85050047 1985 & 05 the month 92081262 1992 & 08 the month 92081370 1992 & 08 the month 6 Digits Some bikes have the Oval Redline stamp & some dont.MX-II Top Tube(TT)is 18"MX-III Top Tube(TT)is 18 3/4" MX-II weighs @ 4 lbs 8 ounces Series-III weighs @ 4 lbs 1 ounce(Dont forget to weigh clean with no headset or BB cups in.)Series-III have larger then normal drilled out holes on the BB(4 holes)& HT(2 holes), which are covered up by the main tubes.19831983 versions of the MX-III bikes were set to arrive in showrooms, October 1982. It came as a complete bike Models 700 & 600a & Frame set. Or did he write it down wrong was the Q actually a 0? The 4th digit is most likey the month of production. 1985 600 C - 4130 Front was painted or chrome, rear was chrome. 1990 Three (300) - 18th Anniversary model, uses a Series-III type frame. Specs: TT-18 1/4", WB-35", BB-11 1/8", RE-15 1/2", TT OD 1 1/8", DT OD 1 1/4".

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