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My prized uncle taught me to drive, and the 'real world' taught me about 'logical things' like nature, friends, family, and how much your enjoyment of life depends of how much effort you put into seeking the pleasures!I learned 'the country way' which seemed to always work, and after high school, went off to college to earn some 'degrees to 'show people'!Then, when I'm tired and out of money, my plans are to return to Florida and rest until next year. I lived in a motorhome for 2 years and it was the experience of a lifetime.I didn't have an itinerary like you, just went where the wind blew but it didn't lessen the experience.

The park sits right on the Atlantic and even had the treat of watching the Blue Angles perform while I was there.

But I've also seen a few other brands of motor homes that would work with a little remodeling.

If I'm going to live in it full time, I want it to look and feel like a home.

You could also go to all the baseball parks and watch games and tailgate..would be fun. I live in Austin, Texas and went to Florida first then up to Atlanta.

It was a fabulous trip and it would have been cost prohibitive except I was pulling my bed, pillow and kitchen behind me.

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He follows the good weather with side trips to site-see. I have my "perfect" motor home picked out, a used 2005 Winnebago Vectra 40FD.

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