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Many of them were further characterized using secondary enzymatic screens with specific substrates. An updated evolutionary classification of CRISPR-Cas systems. Enzymatic screens are also used to quickly characterize large enzyme families and to verify the hypotheses generated by structural studies of proteins with unknown function.

Associate Professor MSc (Moscow State University, Moscow), Ph D (Institute of Microbiology, Moscow) Principal Investigator, Enzyme Genomics Lab and Bio Zone — Centre for Applied Bioscience and Bioengineering Room: WB412 | Tel.: 416-978-4013 | Email: [email protected] Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Understanding the function of every protein in the cell is one of the great challenges of the post-genomic era.

The general screens use either general chromogenic substrates or pools of substrates.

The positive hits with the model substrates are then tested with a set of potential natural substrates or the substrate pools are deconvoluted to identify the preferred in vitro substrate.

The businessman confirmed that he had become a Cyprian citizen "to facilitate doing business around the world." The sons of the x-Head of Russian Railways acquired dual citizenship.

Last year it was reported that the eldest son of Vladimir Yakunin, Andrey, had become a British citizen.

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In 2005, he was appointed CEO of Russian Railways, a state-owned company responsible for over 85,000 kilometres of track and more than a million workers.

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