But in this situation, where you asked a girl to “come over,” and got ignored, it’s just annoying. Sometimes we have to break up the pain with some genuinely cute material.

The same boy came back for round two a few weeks later, with this holiday-themed gem. I guess I mostly have a problem with this one because his tagline is “Any real girls left?

Then, maybe in some time, you’ll be able to call it a relationship. I will make sure I spend good quality time at home.

Your idea of an ideal date Good food and a good conversation.

If you wouldn’t say it to a person in real life, you shouldn’t say it while online dating. Again, we start with “come over.” Not something you’d use as an opener with a woman at a bar. For anyone as clueless as me, apparently a seafood dinner is what some guys call going to third base on a girl. I'm a grad student in marriage and family therapy, but I also love creative writing, cooking and baking, reading, and DIY, which all get to shine in this little lifestyle blog of mine. I’m a grad student, future marriage and family therapist, writer, coffee-lover, substitute teacher, and a million more things.

Like I said in the post where I explained the idea, this is not about making fun of people.As some of you might know from my previous posts on the subject, I’m quite the online dating aficionado.And my time on Tinder, POF, OKCupid, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, and more, have all taught me one thing: people have of the fact that their messages are going to a real-live human.It’s about recreating a healthy online dating culture.Because of this, I will never make fun of someone’s appearance, race, ethnicity, etc.

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