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She has her own friends, hobbies, motivation and passions.

To him, I promise to provide the same broad shoulders.

The handle is decorated with snakes, crocodiles and geometric designs and has a suspension ring at the bottom.

The axe blade has an openwork center featuring a chameleon.

It's also important that I differentiate between “slightly intimidating” and forced change (abuse).

I think this realization comes with age, but after years of fighting to prove myself professionally, spending my days making decisions from the hip and being the office Morale Officer, there is something incredibly relaxing and enjoyable about being able to turn down the volume on my independence.

— Ghana 20th Century An Ashanti sand-cast bronze (brass alloy) figural scene from Southern Ghana.

— Niger 3rd to 11th Century AD A nice pottery head from the ancient Bura culture of Niger, Africa.

The number indicated it was donated to the Mint in 1981.It can, and the same woman who intimidates you is likely intimidated by you, and for all the same reasons.I can only speak for myself here, but I imagine it applies to others, too.It would be great to come home to someone who can take the lead; someone I trust can make plans, carry some weight and let me be vulnerable.Albeit biased, I have some of the most amazing female friends; many of whom have been victim to the “You're intimidating” accusation.

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