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Bangor arose as a lumbering boom-town in the 1830s, and a potential demographic and political rival to Portland.

state of Maine, and the county seat of Penobscot County.

In 1769 Jacob Buswell founded a settlement at the site.

By 1772, there were 12 families, along with a sawmill, store, and school, and in 1787 the population was 567.

In 1779, the rebel Penobscot Expedition fled up the Penobscot River and ten of its ships were scuttled by the British fleet at Bangor.

The ships remained there until the late 1950s, when construction of the Joshua Chamberlain Bridge disturbed the site.

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A bridge connecting Bangor with Brewer is named for Chamberlain, the regiment's leader, who was one of eight Civil War soldiers from Penobscot County towns to receive the Medal of Honor. Boutelle accepted the surrender of the Confederate fleet after the Battle of Mobile Bay. A number of Bangor ships were captured on the high seas by Confederate raiders in the Civil War, including the "Delphine", "James Littlefield", "Mary E. Bangor was near the lands disputed during the Aroostook War, a boundary dispute with Britain in 1838–39.

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