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It must be frankly admitted that this hope could not be realized to its full extent.

It was hoped to do this much for nearly all the interesting or important trans- lations that should be encountered.

The formation of Tennyson's style — a -study, primarily, of the versification of the early poems, by J. 8 UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN STUDIES The dagger f is comparable to the inverted thumb in the ancient Coliseum, and leads to a brief consideration of those qualities that constitute merit in a translation.

In a collection of lyrics, such a mark means that you may find an excellent version here and there, but you cannot be sure of it, for the bulk of them is in some way or other defective.

There is, it must be admitted, some- thing anomalous about an uncritical bibliography of any kind, but perhaps more so in the case of translations : it is surely not feasible to expect each reader to compare version and original for himself, yet unless we know how they stand to each other, the version is useless for any serious purpose.

The single asterisk * is somewhat more nega- tive in character ; it says in eflfect : I have examined this translation and find it neither wholly good nor wholly bad.

The dramatic associations of the Easter sepulchre, by Karl Young. By substance we understand the entire substance in its fullest extent — including shades of meaning, connotations, imagery, and the like.

Studies by members of the department of English, Series number 2. Every work of literary art has two component elements : substance and form.

Style can be ponderous without being heavy, light without being insipid, fluent without being verbose, archaic without being crabbed.

It includes not only metre, of course, but all those imponderable elements of word-choice and arrangement that we conveniently call style.

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