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You bought a small wooden statue and after arguing for half an hour you only paid a quarter of what the man was asking. Is this your idea of heaven or would you prefer something different?

Nowadays, many of us try to live in a way that will damage the environment as little as possible.

So instead of buying expensive new clothes that leave you confused by the price and your feelings hurt, an alternative to consider is the Thrift Store.

This means no new strain was added to the earth , because it has already been made, used and purchased.

Ecotourism probably involves a little of all of them.

Everyone has a different definition, but most people agree that ecotourism must: So, for example, in a true ecotourism project, a nature reserve allows a small number of tourists to visit its rare animals and uses the money that is generated to continue with important conservation work.

Beyonce may have hot sauce in her bag but what's in the bag of an environmentalist?

There are lots of new forms of tourism: responsible tourism, alternative tourism, sustainable tourism, nature tourism, adventure tourism, educational tourism and more.

But you can apply the principles of ecotourism wherever you go for your holiday.

Just remember these basic rules: Choose your holiday carefully.

While being concision of how our decisions effect the world and or environment we still have fun just like the next average Joe.

Though I encourage Joe to minimize his harmful effects too!

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