Efficiently updating materialized views dblp

We first translate SQL updates to pure (update-free) XQuery expressions that reconstruct the entire database state, reflecting the updated values in the new state.

Then, we synthesize the right-inverse of the XQuery view function, guided by the view schema.

Computer Communication Review 34(5): 59-74 (2004)Gopi K. Bradshaw, Neil Coburn, Per-Åke Larson, Patrick Martin, Abraham Silberschatz, Jacob Slonim, Qiang Zhu: The CORDS Multidatabase Project. IBM Systems Journal 33(3): 399-425 (1994)Ann Gawman, Evelyn Kidd, Per-Åke Larson: Proceedings of the 1993 Conference of the Centre for Advanced Studies on Collaborative Research, October 24-28, 1993, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2 Volumes IBM 1993Jacob Slonim, Patrick J.

Nodine, Jerry Fowler, Darrell Woelk, Gale Martin, Roberto J.

Schuh Gale Martin, Ray Shea, Tomasz Ksiezyk, Roberto J. Unnikrishnan, Abdelsalam Helal, Amy Unruh, Marian H.

We thus obtain a first example of a graph problem in Dyn-FO that is not expressible in this logic.

Part of our proof shows how to build and maintain arithmetic predicates on a relevant part of the universe, from which we obtain a direct correspondence between Dyn-FO and dynamic constant parallel time.

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