Elizabethan dating marriage customs

Centuries ago in Elizabethan England there were many traditions about marriage and the treatment of women.

One strong tradition of these times was the practice of marriage between races. In this era marriages were arranged by the parents with strong help from the local church.

He verbally abuses Juliet calling her a ‘mistress minion’ and a ‘green-sickness carrion’.

This is most noticeable in the way that Capulet decides, after Tybalt’s death, that it would be in Juliet’s best interests to marry Paris, in what seems to be the act of a loving father trying to make his daughter happy.

Our modern day attitudes to marriage differ greatly from the Elizabethan attitudes that are displayed in William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Most noticeably is the fact that Paris went to Capulet to ask for Juliet’s hand in marriage before he even approached Juliet, something that happens very rarely, if ever, nowadays.

The reasoning for getting married so young was due to the fact that the life expectancy in Elizabethan times was much shorter.

When Capulet appears after Juliet having said no to the proposed marriage, Lady Capulet says, in fear of her violent husband, an unthinkable statement for a mother nowadays, ‘I would the fool were married to her grave’.

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We see this displayed in Romeos obsession with Rosaline, he falls for a Capulet, someone unattainable.

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