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If you’re single and dating regularly (or at all), then chances are you talk to your friends about the guys you meet.

Whether you’re gushing or venting, you want them to know every detail.

Sometimes your friends mean well, but they make little comments sometimes that really grate on you.

You want to keep the sweet moments to yourself and that’s a good thing. A funny thing happens when you discuss dating with a friend: you can go from excited to creeped out and frustrated in mere seconds. So instead of discussing everything about your dates with your friends, which is the modern equivalent of passing notes in Math class, be proud of your journey to find love.

All it takes is your friend mentioning her dating hiatus or her latest bad date and suddenly you’re wondering if you should give up, too. Aya Tsintziras Aya Tsintziras is a freelance lifestyle writer and editor.

Q: If I am called to marriage, how do I know that, if I wait with trust and patience for a true gentleman to pursue me the way I deserve, God will send me someone?

What if the person God has intended for me to marry is actually a less mature “diamond in the rough”?

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For that reason, my ultimate answer to your question is that you need to seek the Lord’s advice on a (1) daily and (2) case-to-case basis.

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