Excel cell formatting not updating

For example, neither Data Validation formulae and List sources nor Conditional Formatting formulae are able to use structured references. If the List source is on the same sheet as the Data Validation cell, although the reference to the Table column has to be entered as a normal cell range, it will still expand automatically as rows are added.However, where the List source is on a different sheet, the range does not expand automatically.If you look at the title of this article, it almost sums up what Microsoft Excel is.Without cells, values and formulas, you just cannot get much done in Excel.

Keep in mind though that the Excel object model does not have any object called Cell, you must always use the Range object.

Be careful though, the selection is not always a Range object, the user could have selected a chart or an image.

Add the following code: You will notice that in the above code we used the Address property of the Range object.

In the following code, we get a reference to the selected cells and set their number format to a custom format, the font to bold, foreground color to white and the background color to blue.

If I enter a date into a cell in my Excel spreadsheet using the shortcut (CTRL ;), I can no longer change the formatting (right-click, format cell). Karl - Oct 20, 2010 am BST I have had this problem for a long time and the only solution I have found is this. 2) Open New Excel 3) Open File and choose Tab Deliminated Option. Doesn't matter what date format I choose, it won't change.

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