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Our Sunday encompassed meeting up with friends for lunch. Read More Thank you to all those who have supported my journey with creating Frolicme, I am delighted to announce that I am now officially part of the highly recognized Women of Sex Tech community, and you can read my bio here.

The New York Times has referred to this forward-thinking group of female entrepreneurs as “a tech-savvy and female-led women’s...

I know that phrase really dates me, but that is was the incredibly sexist terminology used at the time.

I was just 18 and so was legally allowed to buy one of these adult publications. Read More For those interested in acquiring some fine pieces of erotic art there is still time to indulge in your interests in this year’s sale of Erotic: Passion & Desire taking place at London auction house Sotheby’s on 15th February and online.

Here is a story called Francine’s Goodbye Kiss by author Nicci Haydon.

I have been thrilled that Nicci has previously written a host of stories for Frolicme; ANAL...

Closeup of a feet of couple having sex in bed Happy couple joking before sex.

On a couch in the living room at home Sensual lovers in bed having sex. Young men and women making love in bedroom Sex For Money. Concept image of safe sex on white background Sex toys. Word letters with vintage grunge type Couple having sex on kitchen counter.

Even more exciting erogenous zones are just a finger’s length away. JOINME today and take advantage of my WEEK TRIAL for only £4.95 and enjoy FULL ACCESS to all areas of the site allowing you to read all fabulous explicit stories and watch the gorgeous erotic films in full HD.

Read More The midday sun had crossed its axis with now a hot sunny summer Sunday afternoon shimmering through time.

My gorgeous beautiful sexy girlfriend Sophia and I had woken earlier and had enjoyed each other intimately and passionately before our consumption of a home cooked light breakfast.

It’s interesting that in this day of rising female empowerment and the growth of the #metoo movement, are we actually helping to close another gap that exists between the sexes when it comes to our sexual pleasure? Yes, there is a statistical gap in the rate women achieve orgasms over that of...

Read More One may often wonder what stimulates the mind of erotic authors when they are busy penning away such creative and steamy sexual tales.

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