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When it’s a couple of days before the date, I feel quite optimistic, then when the actual day of the date hits, so does my social anxiety. The bully in my head puts pressure on me to act like the perfect human, carry on a flawless conversation, and act like I’m not extremely anxious.

Thoughts of having to make eye contact with my date and being in a public place start to take over and fuel the bully as well.

a face-to-face interaction; however, it doesn’t make it any easier.

When I begin “virtually speaking” with a prospective date, I find that the conversations can be extremely stressful for me.

However, Heimberg (1977) argued that the high incidence and amount of distress experienced by dating-anxious college students made dating anxiety among college students worthy of treatment attention in its own right, not just as an analogue to the problems of psychiatric patients.

Dating can be daunting in general, but if you struggle with social anxiety, it can seem impossible at times.

We fear the unknown and the What ifs: First, you must override your anxiety. You create the reality you desire and see if she chooses to come into your reality and co-create together.

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If you suffer from social anxiety, Anxiety BC has a great section on social anxiety, including information on what social anxiety is, how to recognize social anxiety, and home management strategies that you can use to manage your social anxiety - https:// C, and is volunteering and working as a consultant for Anxiety BC.

She is passionate about mental health and is aspiring to do her Master's in Counselling in the future.

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