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Tinder, which removes any possibility of rejection from the act of seduction – great.An organised walking tour around the streets of London looking to meet prospective partners in person? But the more I thought about it, the more sense it made.(Also, the false advertising on dating apps is really getting out of hand.Do people who add six inches to their height think a date won’t notice when they meet in person?In my eyes she is the near perfect girl - just my type, however from what she's described to me I don't particularly meet her standards. Should I just save myself from disappointment or am I panicking over nothing?We really get on, there's lots of banter and full-on flirtation but I feel that if we eventually meet, that physical chemistry will no longer be apparent. It might be worth starting with the past and how this is affecting both your confidence and behavior now.To find our way there we have to ask for directions (flirtatiously).

Ariana Gee and Mary Gregory’s ‘Be Your Own Love Coach’ Jean Smith’s ‘The Flirt Interpreter’ Gary Wood’s ‘Unlock Your Confidence’ Meg Barker’s ‘Rewriting the Rules’ Write yourself a dating profile, listing the positive things about you and an honest statement about what you would like from a relationship. But she might be one of many, many ‘near perfect’ women out there.

Don’t take rejection personally.” It’s comforting to imagine my interlocutor once had a traumatic experience with shellfish, and if I’d asked about the beef it all could have been different. Why had I selfishly charged in there with MY need for jumbo prawns and MY views on risotto, rather than taking an interest in what SHE was looking for? Flirting is a language and languages take practice Another one straight from Jean’s flirtology manual.

With this in mind, we spend the final 15 minutes of the tour walking around Covent Garden and attempting to flirt with every man and/or woman we can find, though most of our conversations come in under the 30 second mark. As Jean might have put it in one of those syrupy sayings that seem so reassuring at the time but on closer inspection turn out to be rather infuriating: flirting is about the journey rather than the destination.

I appreciate distance makes things harder but there is the risk in some online scenarios that people end up emotionally attached to someone who isn’t for them.

It not only affects their confidence, but prevents them meeting someone more suitable and enjoying their time as a singleton proactively with friends, hobbies etc.

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