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IH Cenuliio Panasonic Dual Sprc-d CD ROM rjlrertly M JNLESS STATED ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT A120t SUPER AMIGA CD SX-1 BUNDLE AU THE POWER AND Flf Xl Bsj TY C* AN AMIGA * tsm CGMMO WITH THE CAPABaj TIES O' A CO 12 COMPRISES •COSXCC CONSOLE • 5K-1 EXPANSl CX MOOIAE • EXTERNAL U* DISK DRIVE •KEVBOARO MOUSE JOYPAO PLUS MICROCOSM CANNON FOODtfl LIBERATION PROJECT X, ULTIMATE BOOV BLOWS. MOWOB OH WORKBENCH DISKS' UPGRADE ABLE BY A DOING • EXTRA 4 MEGABYTES OF RAM FOR SX 1 991 • •f TERHAl 2ST HARD DRIVE I AI200 VERSION) •FULL MOTION Vi DEO i STD COM FMV CART) S-. DIGGERS AND ONE PAD -VERY SPECIAL DEAL - ADO A PLUS THREE PACK ONLY WHEN YOU BUY A CD32 OR SUPER Ah *VUS 3 PACK FOR CD32 ...29.99 CONTAINS ONE COMMODORE CONTROL PAD. and now SECAM (French TV systemj v3eo npon with NT5C lompa DWrty due to be released won FREE with all new Pro Grab'" orders and available to all existing users as a software upgrade. c ■ computers ■ harwood the UK's favourite Amiga Dealer Coition Harwuod Computers limited Sen Street, Alfmon Derbyshire DESS "BP Td- 'H 773 8.PER AMIGA CD SX-1 BUNDLE 2/0 480 00 "THE CD ROM BASED AI200 SYSTEM AMIGA CD32 CO BASED CONSOLE WITH A1M0 1? ELITE 2 AND TRIVIAL PURSUIT CD'S DYNAMICS CONTROL PAD FOR COS? PRINTERS RGB MONITORS AND UP TO A MR MEMORY ■f •BOARD TOWER CASE WITH FOUR DRIVE BAYS • INTEL 4BCi DOM PROCESSOR (UPCi RADEABLE TO PENTIUM • FAST 13 MS S60 MB HARD DRIVE • 4 MB RAM li PGRADEAOLE TO 64MB • FAST 98 &T i JRap-CS ACCELERATOR TO SVGA - 1 MB VIDCO RAM . l Elhjings • 1^ MONTHS WARRANTY • 34 HOUR DELIVERY TO UK MAINLAND SUBJECT TO STOCK TRUST OPT IONS i RRCESEffitu DINO MEMBERSHIP! WBI Facsimile: 01 TO EBl Oti • Mi VMr VMiss/Ms: Initials,: Surname: t Address: 1 Coonh (Country) Poslcode: • Daytime Phone K»enin R Phone: j Please rush me_ _ Pro Grab Frame Grabber t ! p&p * : _ For a softii are upgrade & £4.95 _ Oplional PCMCIA Interface i £29.95 inc. p&p £_ Optional FAST Courier Service Deliserj £ (Overseas Customers ■ Please Call for Prites etc! p&p please lick here ^ ' ^ Card holder's signature: Cird No.: Kxpi r»: Drp CClia ( heque/Bunl Drafl/TVrstal Order for E : payable to Gordon Hantood Computers Limited- Leading ■ Due For release: April ■ Publisher: Black Legend © 0348 840003 Oolygon racing games, have suddenly become very popular again thanks to some superb arcade games and Leading Lap, the product of a newly formed software develop- ment team. The latter being our very own ex-games edi- tor Reputations are on the line! it looks as if we won't be disappointed According to Kellion a mysterious Mr S has developed a unique 3D editor code called •Reflex' and Leading Lap is the first of a trio of games lo be designed using it. INOV 500 ADV TEFtf US EUROPEAN CHAMPS 9E 1399 STABLE MASTERS M 99 SIEVE DAVIS WORLD SNOOKER* ISO STREETFi GHTER 2 i S'W) " *B SIRl Kt RMANAOBSI- JJS Sll PERFROG - 1699 SUPER SKIOS — ••• , . 30 99 SUPER S*RE ETF IOHTE R 3 • 30 99 SWTVrtl7Ki(NOPl BJS SVNDICATE i in ■ i 2199 THE GREATEST JIMM. POSTAGE TOTAL 1 1 enclose a cheque/PO made payable to Software First of please debit my Access. w E32M can tian C' n t" n can em w mw rn w cm EI0W CALL Eian can IB 00 can Eisn C2TW E23M ei an Eian can tio w it a n cm tian n an l OPTIONAL FULL SCREEN VIDEO CD MODULE ttt anew i XT *"cnocosi I CD* GAMES CONSOLE CANNON FODDER DIGGERS LIBERATION MICROCOSM OSCAR PROJECT X ULTIMATE BODY BLOWS MP nop TOTAL VALUE: £462.92 mm £249.99 mm £29.99 m» £29.99 mm £34.99 n*p £44.99 mm £29.99 £12.99 £29.99 NORMAL HHM INC VAT - CCD 3450 FREE DELIVERY IN UK MAINLAND """^ OMPUTER UPGRADE J 14" STEREO COLOUR MONITOR A. I say unusual because the style of graph- ics and gameplay is more akin to what you would see on a Nintendo than any Amiga game.NO MOVING PARTS, VI RV SMOOTH 7989 PACK OF 50 SPECIAL RESERVE 3 5" DSDD DISKS WITH LABELS 19. Indeed, Pro Grab™ has been bestowed the Amiga Format Gold Award and received many rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. and, grabl Pro Grab 1 " even includes a Teletext viewing/capturing facility from either TV or satellite source devices.W PACK OF 10 SPECIAL RESERVE 3 5 _ DSOO DISKS WITH LABELS K FREE PLASTIC FLIP TOP DISK BOX SM PACK OF 10 TDK 3 s* OI0O DISKS WITH LABELS 3.88 3 J' DISK HEAD CLEANER 6.88 HIGH DENSITY OISKS ALSO AT KEENEST PRICES OELUIE Dt SK BOX HOLDS I.0JV OISKS. With Pro Grab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology either. This could be your camcorder; TV with SCART output satellite receiver, domestic VCR/player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR/player . Once grabbed, simply download the image to your Amiga for full screen viewing. Use the saved image in your favourite Amiga word processing, desktop publishing or graphics software packages. Even better performance using Pro Grab™ Version 2.0 upgraded software.WITH 0MDGR8 9.98 CO WALLETS WITH INDIVIDUAL PADDED POCKETS IDEAL FOR USE IN HOME OR CAR *6 CAPACITY ..12.99 24 CAPACITY ... Simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results Real Time, after time. ■ Support for Virtual Memory on /* hard dnve yysieni Amgas [wrtrvx* «nr need to ft an MMJ| Alowing use of the htgrws moimorrt - even w*h snaler memory Amigas m low memory situations, requiring only I Mb of nard drive space • Addoonal Teteten - weti teneonai TV vgrvti as well ji Helta ■ A Larger preview wndow option w*h ooubte fne resolution and 4 times the area ol the previous version Composce Mi. 81 Post/FAX your requirements on the order form provided.REVIEWS • Ruffian 49 Check out Grandslam's latest platformer. 40 42 42 44 44 56 56 58 61 63 66 66 Benefactor Superb platform Limmings. 71 73 74 75 ►►► CONTENTS Editorial Advertisers' Index What h SVO I got to smile about in such a smug manner? No, I've seen what the games and productivity software that is being produced for the Amiga over the next six months is like, and it's good news. Very Effective,) INKJET CARTRIDGES: Desk Jet BLACK (Double We) Desk Jet TRl COLOUR Paint Jet BLACK Paint Jet TRl COLOUR PAPER - single Sheet PAPER - '2' fold TRANSPARENCY FILM (SOSht) v.. C21 i-mii Pan) E I Jama* Pon O Cam Mncfi •lur-g OSni M *K* 0" 1 £u*Dpaan CH»l»OJ« U0»i*0n Q ,., Ler M CD m* Imt" I**-*". Just to add to the mayhem, there are plans to add hidden levels and Spyhunter-Uke extras (ie go through a certain gate and you turn into a speedboatl.

Featuring mobile chat rooms as well, helps you find and connect with single women and men throughout the globe.KINQ IIM MIGHT" MAX ._..„ 1199 OHTM BALL ,«ABL'DB»Vt Of*'. , «1SB SOOCBt KD i — — — — STAR THE* »TM ANNfv ERSARV IHARD ORFVE ONLY) -„ ■■■ n99 ^OUPo V DEDUCT*. Sl MOU IK EMULATOR All OWING IBM PC APPLICATIONS TO BE RUN ON AMIGA NOT SUITABLE FOR WINDOWS OR HIGH END APPl CATi ON-i HIOUIRES MS DOS 3 1 OR ABOvf INS TALLAGE 34 99 PEN PAL. SECRET OF MANA 301 Ll ONKEV KONG COUNTRV 40 99 CANNON FODDER 4098 XJHNMADCEN93 NHLPA 9JCE HOCKEY KEVt NKEEOAN PLATER MANAGER . But the only way to solve puzzles is to interact with other characters and this is done by speaking to them. the menu brought up by using this command presents one with up to six ques- tions, and the game has been intelli- gently programmed so that if a char- acter says something that either rais- es another question or answers an existing one the menu will increase or decrease correspondingly Cute as hell, fast and playable (at this stage anyway), Speris Legacy looks like being a fun title. • Oplional PCMCIA Inlertace only C29.95 for AAO0/A120OS lor even FASTER operation TV • 'aire* Downloading Times |up to Rv E ditb iw i ■ ri • improved jrwrwoon ipeeds o» up lo I lips | mono) and i Srfw |coiour| •New sound sampling and animation capa- b*oes licptvate sound sampler i i • Save anma Dortt d M to your fmg M hard 0»vr ■ Optional S-VHS Connection lead only 14.95 |0*y neceiury if your oufpui device c Joevni nave a standard phono compowr wdeo out loowrj The revolutionary new Pro Grab™ 24RT with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, it actually costs less than any of its rivals.• LEAGUE EDITION U.«B WOULD CUP EDITION 12.49 PGA EUROPEAN TOUR 19 99 PINBALL ILLUSIONS • 18*9 PREMIER MANAGE" 3 . UNTIL MAR it" 5UPEFI STARDUST 1889 TR I, I,, , „ 3S 96 THEME PARK an TOP OCAR 1 1 * MB) 17 49 UFO • ENEMV UNKNOWN MM WEwaf ■n Ml SOCCER .. EASY TO USE WORD PROCESSOR »T- MANV FLISCTONS INSTAl LA&Lf 39.99 Al 1*9» Ml — BJ 24 99 • 99 2*09 f rc -Ml 10» AMIGA BOOKS VI'NGCMLD S WARf VROS . I99S MORTAL KOM BAT 178 CALL SALES FOR A FREE 16 PAGE COLOUR CATALOGUE OF OUR FULL PRODUCT RANGE ALFA OPTICAL MOUSE 300DP1. Whilst this real time 24-Bit colour frame grabber/digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga, it hasn't been at the expense of quality. Using the Pro Grab™ software, select an image you wish to capture in the on screen preview window (because the hardware grabs a frame in real time, theres no need for a still frame facility on the source device!Ukcabesfqiits eonio* J' ' • brill ^ AKIRA 20.99 MONKEY ISLAND 2 12.99 JUNGLE 5TRIKE 1 8.99 OR 1 9.99 AIH FLASHBACK CRUISE FOP A CORIS£ ANOTHER WORLD OPERATION STEALTH FUTURE WARS MQNKEV ISLAND INOV JONE5 A LAST CRUSADE . MANIC MANSION, ZAK MCKRACKEN TOWER ASSAULT 13.99 OR19.99CD32 KINGPIN 8.99 ROAO KILL 20.99 A12O01CD32 SHADOW FIGHTER 19.49AI2M CUSSIC COLL. IBM MAN UTD PREMIER DATA DISK MS MICRO MACHINES (5I7KI . ■ i mm SENSIB-E SOCCER INTERNA TONAL EO-TICN _ 1409 SENSli XE WORLD OF SOCCER 1999 SETTLERS SI Si MEN* SERVICE 2 NO III . * G*l ant , I SMB RAM REQUIREOl U 99 5*CN THE SORCERER - 21 99 SAAON IH- 5D*TERER 2 21 99 SNO MARKS *A— SLEEPVf R MEGATHA.6LLER. E- Rj GB• B"T TRUE COIOUR RGB EDITING 7 MB INSTALLABLE WORKBENCH 3 04. 7» ts» C10W xian c»n nan MM xian cm 17 W can xtan CUM 1*2 n x*fin nan nan an can CAU. n caw caw Wgraa' Uo-MBrat kkag B •«--■ 'Mo Cfi»"-e»wi-«-ic ow '-*•**«« Paid '-aat Ca-naga TB¥-a- Hanafl Trual P-vaut TMBb vtai Laj N Wa-n-iav M 5(«»i WM cm Boaw ZOd Da I BUSINESS tai« a.-™ KMbw Bb I Manp U-x Pi-Mirw Pa-i PM E'Ol C7W nan can CALL nan 117 w t»aw run xian can EDUTAINMENT ADIExgll Wi II t! | If you can't see what you want please call, new stock arrives daily. There are 12 different locations Cho can visit to piece together the mystery, but getting from one lo another will require a little brain power utilisation and a lot of button pressing.- DELPHINE 20.49 LUCAS ARTS 20.49 UFO PINBALL ILLUSIONS 24.99 ai? UJfj AH WPraft T ■ -Mi AKIRA - _ MM *U£N ORE ED TOWER ASSAULT rti JKI 1J99 ALi EN BREEDS 1749 AIAAJON QUEEN* 20 99 UJf Oi CAN 51101*0*5 t H2«l (N0t2) 13 99 ARCADE "CO '99 archer w DUAfrs pool SPECIAL EC-t»ONi REALMS MEAD' FOR THE SKIES . USB 1599 tj*9 30 99 ■ 49 '349 13.49 30 17.49 12 99 1399 30 00 999 l( 99 II 99 «S '0*9 Ma -11SI f 48 1048 399 IB«9 499 HUB IS 49 949 SECRET OF MON1" i Sl AND IE 99 COURDN - DEDUCT U UNTIL MAR 31 SECRET OF UONritv ISLAND? 5199 DISK EXPANDER A FLEXIBLE AND EASV TO USE DISK DOUBLING SVSTEM ALLOWS BOTH FLOPPY AND HARO DRIVE USERS TO ifi CHEASE THEIR STORAGE Ca PACTTV DRAMATICALIV USTA^LABLE 3*99 FINAL WRITER (RELEASE 3) COMF-REHENSIVE Vi ORD Pu Oli SHWG SVSTEM (3 MB MIMf Aj M A MB OR MORC RECOMMENDED HARD DRIVE REQUIRED, 99.99 HANNA BARBER A ANIMATION WORKSHOP EXCELLENT ANMATION PACKAGE CAPABLE OF CREATING CARICONS AHOGUALII-ANAAA'ONS 39 99 HOME ACCOUNTS. Ivrvnigo ua CM" Mi-Oukr uro P-wkw LMguo' ran CALL Ell H t HW can (•aw can nan nui EH W Eiaw E11M caw Ei B W VJ w ii r n CALL mw C2IW cow EI1M can CMW BJ W tii w EMM tow COW EUW Eiaw CAU.^i ADi *ra-«i ii-ia-1-.ia-i Sy Ti ADI Mara H. Some tttea may not be released at time of going to press We supply only Official UK product Ftymals supported -ndude Amlg*, PC, ST. Me Qadrtve and Game Gear |All phcee subiect tl change without notice AH flams swtyect to availabillry. Enemies come m all shapes and forms: snakes, large barging green things (for I cannot descnbe them as any- thing else at the moment), cannon, pacman-like creatures and more.

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