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For instance Aly will cuss you out if you send her a SMS when she`s pissed, but when she`s happy she will respond accordingly. Alyssa and Maria`s moods affect the results of the choices you make and have to be above/below a certain level to attain the choices that you want. Certain questions must be answered to get to the dates and endings of the game. 9 out of 10 if there was a 3 some i would have given it full marks. There is one picture of threesome with Alyssa and Maria in Ending 2... (other option will make a bigger drop in the mood) Also if you get stuck anywhere during sex scene there is a "Back" button in left bottom corner If you get stuck all the time, just fuck her, you will get good ending even if you perform horribly... Problem i found was you can`t get a 3 some with Alyssa and Maria which is a disappointment best scene is Alyssa with the pool table what awesome twist in the game, I didn`t see that one coming. * 4 click to pull up * I must humbly thank you for this... * Unplug the mouse cord * The I won`t tell you (slight decrease in mood but next answer increases it more) * You are right... * Get back to work From here on out routes differ depending on which girl you want to get. * Massage Maria`s shoulders * X * Fix the printer * Nothing major... * Pick any of 2 (you are going for Alyssa anyway) * (!!! I will print it and make it as big as possible and put it home on the wall. Would have loved to see a bit of action between Maria and Alyssa, competition and all that leading to some stuff for the dude. The detail in the characters - Aly`s model-body frame & Maria curvy tattoed body - were amazing, the story was good and the choices made it challenging. - You can say the third option as well, it doesn`t matter - Go party - Order strawberry drink - Any prospects in mind? = something crazy Again, I dont know if you can still fuck up after this point. The only threesome that you might get is banging Alyssa together with another guy. Most of the choices just to increase girl`s mood and are not required. Though if mood of the girl is too low she may still reject you even if you choose correct answer. You just build up some mood with both girls: * Three, such a magical number...

" The game quickly looses interest when you can`t navigate from the same outcomes for the AI [Alyssa for example, a girl who`ll have sex with her boss for leverage] and it doesn`t keep us [myself] hooked on trying to maintain a relationship with them. Would be nice to have a 3 some with Maria and Alyssa or even the motorbiker , dave and Alyssa Maria go back to Daves place. - Pick up/break a leg, doesn`t matter - Ofcourse/I don`t know, doesn`t matter - Continue work - She`ll be a tough one... - Prepare for date - Kiss her hand - Talk = Quickie? What I`ll be there You are right Something crazy 1. X I`d rather Pull up x4 I must humbly Red (I like this color but choose whatevers you want) Yes I am Unplug Then I won`t tell You are right Make a phone prank Yes, I know Talk with Maria By the way Nonetheless It`s nice to see X Fix the printer Nothing major Talk with Maria Massage Maria`s Shoulders Get back to work Actually, Alyssa Do you want me Some days Send spicy She`ll be tough Would you like to Pick up Alyssa ... hired Well, I am X Only one thing to do So, any Would you care Aly... For the SMS or purse thing I just pick the SMS if it`s Alyssa I`m after, or the purse if it`s Maria. Though on my end could be the fact that mood isn`t displaying properly.

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