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We borrowed our brother fraternity’s Constitution as a starting point and began to write our own version. We took tests on the Greek alphabet, made a website and jumped through all of the hoops we needed to in order to be recognized as an organization. More than one time I wanted to give up, but most of the time we loved each other a lot and sang silly songs together.We decided to not be affiliated with a national sorority in order to keep our fees low and set our own rules. We elected an Executive Board and a handful of other positions (I was the first Theta historian, so I made a scrapbook. We made our own traditions and set precedents for future pledging classes by going through them ourselves. You call members of a sorority your sisters for a reason — however clichéd it might sound, they do become your family, and are sometimes a better and more accepting family than the one you were born into.Nationally affiliated sororities often have higher dues because you’re paying people to have a day job and look after your sorority.

We began in September and did not officially get our letters until February.Theta Zeta Upsilon was the brainchild of two of my friends.There were two fraternities and one sorority on campus (the other recently-established sorority fell through pretty early on in its creation).Maybe you’re thinking about joining a sorority, or even starting a sorority (I’d recommend it! If so, here’s some lessons I’ve learned from three years of being a Theta. One of them is famously liberal and lesbian-friendly and very rich.The other is really small and conservative and Lutheran and no one has ever heard of it.

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There are 700 students at Concordia, so there should be 70 other gay students.” Funnily enough, despite some rather awful anti-gay things that happened to me on behalf of my not-so-nice first roommate, there are a lot of gay, lesbian and bisexual students at Concordia.

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