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However, to donate toward a specific honeymoon trip is a bit different.

Have checks made payable to the travel company, as though it was yet another wedding gift registry you have chosen.

As such, it is not as required that you send a thank-you note, as it would be for a regular gift.Coffee table books should be on a subject you know the receiver will enjoy.When giving an item from your home area, find items locally made versus giving an item “Made in China” to someone in China.However, it is never wrong to send someone a nice note of appreciation (in this case even by email) especially for an extra special gift received. My friend believes it’s totally tacky to give people gift cards for any reason.I don’t think so, especially when I don’t really know the person to whom I have to give a gift. When I was growing up my parents believed it was tacky to give gift certificates, because in those days the only kind of gift certificates possible were from certain department stores, where the person had to go to the store to purchase the certificate anyway. It was perceived as a lazy person’s way to give a gift. Gift cards are now available for an ever-increasing variety of items and services, in stores and online.

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A couple of years later, she finally got her car and then sent everyone a nice thank-you note with a photo of herself, standing in front of the car.

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