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” (Our Lady’s words to her servant Juan Diego.) The First Apparition Juan Diego awoke before sunrise.The good friars had taught him well how to do that.

When Juan Diego returned, he showed the roses to the archbishop and also revealed an image on his cloak of the Lady of Guadalupe.See full summary » Once famous football player must rent part of his house in order to support himself.A single mother and her two kids are the latest tenants.It is said that millions of indigenous people in Mexico were converted to Catholicism as a result of her appearance and miracle.One of the most celebrated days in the Mexican calendar is the Day of Our Lady Guadalupe, which commemorates the belief that Jesus’ mother appeared in Mexico in 1531.

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Doing so, he found himself face to face with a woman of incomparable loveliness, whom he described simply as “a most beautiful lady.” Her garments shone so brilliantly that the entire mountain was transformed by the reflection of her glory.

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