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Everyone will look down upon her and think she is a prostitute.

It’s so hugely populated and congested some people have described Metro Manila as “The Gates Of Hell” and once you arrive and see the traffic and the people everywhere, it often looks like it.Lets start off with where to meet single Filipinas during the day and early evening. The streets in Metro Manila are very dirty and it’s very much like a real third world country, in comparison to Bangkok for instance, it makes Thailand look like a first world country.No surprise that single girls in Manila like to spend their time inside the huge shopping malls such as Mall Of Asia or one of the million SM malls all around the city.The extremes from 5 star hotels and people driving BMW’s and just next to that you will see entire families with their children sleeping in the dirt or on cardboard boxes in in the streets.It is extremely easy to go on a date with a Filipina girl because they speak fluent English which puts them miles ahead of any other Southeast Asians already. The Philippines has a ‘mall’ culture, perhaps because they live in houses without air-conditioning and all the malls here are huge and cheap and very cold due to all having the air conditioning turned up as far as possible and it’s almost like you’re in Antartica sometimes inside there.

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