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In 2007 she told an audience in New York that she “always thought” that Albus Dumbledore, the wizard and headmaster of Hogwarts School, was gay.Pamela Ingleton, an academic who has written about Rowling’s habit of revealing more about her stories after their publication, said some passionate Harry Potter fans felt angry that she was “entering on their territory”.

Elphinstone had been Minerva's boss at the Ministry of Magic in the 1950s.Many people have a celebration at the start of their marriage known as a wedding. Two people planning to be married in the near future are known as engaged. Rowling stated that homosexual relationships do not suffer as much discrimination in the wizarding world as in the Muggle world, so it is possible that same-sex marriage is legal, however this has not been confirmed.Molly Weasley claimed that during the First Wizarding War many people were "rushing into" marriage in the worry that they may not be able to do it in the near future lest they were killed. Celestina Warbeck married three times, and divorced two times. Nonetheless, some wizards and witches have made their families proud by making "respectable pure-blood marriages" like Narcissa Black, Bellatrix Black, Orion Black, and Irma Crabbe.Rowling, 48, revealed in an epilogue to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh and final book in the series, that Ron and Hermione were to marry and have two children, while Harry would wed Ron’s younger sister, Ginny.However, the novelist has now said that she believes Ron and Hermione would have ended up needing relationship counselling, The Sunday Times reported.

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The House of Gaunt had a tendency of marrying their own cousins to remain pure, which led to severe genetic problems in the later generations.

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