Intimidating female dog names

During WWI, Boxers were used for a great many tasks by the German military.Had they been left behind in Europe after the war, Boxer history may well have ended there too.The standard had been first drafted in 1902 and faced fierce competition from competing Boxer breeders.Nevertheless, the American Kennel Club (AKC) adopted the Deutscher's breed standard the same year it was published in 1904.Oddly enough, the Boxer is proportional in much the same way as a square box.Their block-shaped head and muscular body are all about sturdiness.Due to their high exercise needs, boxers are not recommended for families that can't devote the time to keep their dog well exercised.The boxer is an intelligent dog breed that is always in the mood to play.

This may come as no surprise since the breed's square face, muscular body, and sturdy build appears intimidating even to those familiar with the breed.

They are not the best dog for first-time owners as they can be hard to train and may seek attention in annoying ways.

They can adapt well enough to most any size home but they don't like to be left alone much, if at all.

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