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The more she has to wonder about you, the more you'll be floating through her mind, as well..3) Make her laugh.Crack a joke or two, and playfully tease her if you can do it without coming off like a jerk or a creep.Here are some general pointers:1) If you don't have a clever situational icebreaker ready to fire, ask her "What's your name? If there is a better general-purpose introduction than this, I've yet to encounter it.2) Don't blab about boring nonsense, and don't bother blurting out your name until she asks for it. If she's not interested at all, she doesn't need to know your name.If she's slightly interested but neglects to ask initially, letting her wonder "Hmm, what was his name?Again, steer the conversation away from boring topics, because for the first impression, you want her to associate you with fun, positive feelings.4) Flirting with women is something that becomes easier and more effective with practice, so do it as much as you can.The more attracted you are to a girl, the harder you need to work to keep your cool, but the basic skills are the same.

The secret handshake is simply not freaking out in her presence.8) Approach every new romantic prospect with the full expectation that they are a flawed human being, because we all are, to some extent.

If they love a certain stand-up comic, use the beginning of one of their jokes (Google is your friend at times like these).

Create something that’s witty and warm and demonstrates you’ve read their profile, as opposed to just flicking through their photos. Research has shown that people warm towards hearing their own name in conversation.

This is situationally dependant, but common possibilities include what she's drinking, or reading, or something unusual about her clothing (just avoid dipping into unnecessary flattery).7) Don't fawn over her, even though you want to by instinct.

Treat her like any other woman (hint: that's what she is!

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The more you hone your abilities over time, the more confident you'll be approaching women you would have previously been afraid of.

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