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It felt empowering to be old "owning my age"— and plenty sexy. here are certain things about dating that, no matter your age, remain the same, from the butterflies you feel when you meet someone cute to that painfully sweet moment when you exchange your first I love you’s. To help you navigate each decade, we consulted leading dating and relationship experts to pinpoint the common desires and pitfalls of each age group—and got their advice on how you can maximize your dating experience along the way.You can cut off a lot of possibilities by being numerically honest. My straightforwardness not only felt good — and I am going to use manspeak here and confide — it wound up being an excellent strategy. If you want to talk first, Trollope works for me.” Jane received 63 responses within a month.That number means nothing in our digital world today, but for that time and for that media, it was bonkers. I felt like Jane when I revisited my Facebook profile to do some serious un-fudging.Older men, it seems to me, are like gold dust on the dating scene right now.From salt-and-pepper George Clooneys to silver-fox Harrison Fords, young women are swooning over smooth older men more than ever.And remember, it's kind of sexy when a man feels empowered enough to discuss his feelings.

If you really like her, just go with the flow and be yourself, regardless of whether “yourself” is a silly, dorky, immature 57-year old or a wise and mature 24.

Similarly, if you're getting attached and she's planning on moving to Japan for six months, you should probably have a super-fun and not-at-all-awkward conversation about “where you see this going”.

Do dress well Someone once told me a useful rule when it comes shopping for your age.

Handsome — let’s just call him that — and I were celebrating my 57th birthday. After weeks of holding it in, I could finally say: Yes, indeed, mister, I am not only your age, I am one year older than you and sick of bulls—ing about the stuff I pretend to have missed.

What he didn’t know was that I was celebrating my 57th birthday for the sixth year in a row. So you can stop man-splaining events and happenings I know firsthand, thank you. I didn’t own it — my age and all the chapters of my very rich life — sexually and otherwise. When I made the decision to be up front, I was inspired by the unapologetic lived-in faces I’d adored as a kid.

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We get it, you're financially comfortable, but unless you are a member of the Kardashian family, you do not need that much bling. Don't flash the cash too freely Salaries generally get bigger with age, so there’s a reasonable chance that you earn more than she does.

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