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The recent Wanna Cry ransomware attack demonstrates the importance of automatic security updates.

No matter how careful you are, malware could exploit a security hole over the network and gain control of your system—unless you install security patches.

I never had any antivirus program 'cause they always cause a lot of problems and slow down the system. That said...there is no reason to use an unsupported O/S access to websites..without basic AV support..expect to have a good day on your system.

I've been lucky enough till August 24, 2016, when a nasty ransomware came to destroy both me and my PC. So...yes, you have been lucky...because circumstances have changed sufficiently so that XP is not a primary target.

Both mainstream support and extended support include free security updates.

When a Windows operating system is first released, Microsoft provides mainstream support for five years.

Microsoft won’t continue updating every release of Windows 10 forever.

Each individual update—like the November Update, Anniversary Update, and Creators Update—will keep receiving security updates for two years.

After this, I had to surrender and now Malwarebytes and Hitman constantly watch over. But the fact that browser support and AV support have/will disappear...makes using XP a would be wise to prepare for the possibility of losing that gamble, along with the inconveniences of using XP in 2018. My 3 computers were XP's, one kept at SP2 which were never compromised.

Avast free, Malwarebytes free, Windows firewall, Spyware Blaster... Java entirely removed, and also (mentioned in above response) many entries set to manual or disabled as per Black Viper's (and the Eldergeek's) sites that took some time researching dependencies for each. With newer operating systems, the experts here recommend against fiddling with those services now.

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