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Sally Trickleson (Burnett) is an irate, love-sick listener who storms into a radio station and confronts the pop psychologist announcer Dr.Doris Kruber (Glenda Jackson) during a live call-in program.

Unlike Carol Burnett's previous variety shows, Carol & Company was an anthology series which applied an unusual repertory approach to television comedy.Swoosie Kurtz guest stars as "George's" ex-girlfriend from school. Elaine Daniels (Burnett) learns that her ex-husband/co-worker, Dr.Arthur Daniels (Alex Rocco), is dating a younger woman and to make him jealous, she flaunts a much younger man under Arthur's nose.Every week, Burnett and her fellow players (Krause, Piven, Fay, Kiser, Barone and Kind) performed a different half-hour comedy playlet.Only the performers remained the same from week to week; there were no ongoing characters or plots, although there were guest stars from time to time including Betty White, Christopher Reeve, Swoosie Kurtz and Burnett's daughter Carrie Hamilton.

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